Soroka Clinical Research Center


2016 › Assessing the Predictive Value of Clinical Factors Used to Determine the Presence of Sepsis Causing Shock in the Emergency Department.
Henning DJ1, Carey JR, Oedorf K, Day DE, Redfield CS, Huguenel CJ, Roberts JC, Novack V, Sanchez LD, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI. Read More ›

2016 › Assessment of aortic stiffness among patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis by magnetic resonance imaging.
Galia Karp, Arik Wolak, Yael Baumfeld, Nina Bar-Am, Victor Novack, Talya Wolak, Lior Fuchs, Aryeh Shalev, Ilan Shelef, Mahmoud Abu-Shakra Read More ›

2016 › The Association between Air Pollution Exposure and Glucose and Lipids Levels.
Yitshak Sade M, Kloog I, Liberty IF, Schwartz J, Novack V. Read More ›

2016 › Does gender of the fetus have any relation with fetal heart monitoring during the first and second stage of labor?
Yohai D(1), Baumfeld Y(1,)(2), Zilberstein T(1), Yaniv Salem S(1), Elharar D(1), Idan I(1), Mastrolia SA(1,)(3), Sheiner E(1). Read More ›

2016 › Understanding the Extent and Drivers of Inter-physician Cost Variation for Spine Procedures.
Kazberouk A1, Sagy I, Novack V, McGuire K.. Read More ›

2016 › Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Acute Stroke: A Role for Systemic Inflammation.
Ifergane G(1), Ovanyan A(2), Toledano R(2), Goldbart A(2), Abu-Salame I(2), Tal A(2), Stavsky M(2), Novack V(2). Read More ›

2016 › Extracranial injections of botulinum neurotoxin type A inhibit intracranial meningeal nociceptors’ responses to stimulation of TRPV1 and TRPA1 channels: Are we getting closer to solving this puzzle?
Zhang X(1), Strassman AM(1), Novack V(2), Brin MF(3), Burstein R(4). Read More ›

2016 › Elevated birth prevalence of conotruncal heart defects in a population with high consanguinity rate.
Stavsky M(1), Robinson R(1), Sade MY(1), Krymko H(1), Zalstein E(1), Ioffe V(1), Novack V(1), Levitas A(1). Read More ›

2016 › Thiamine as an adjunctive therapy in cardiac surgery: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase II trial.
Andersen LW(1,)(2,)(3), Holmberg MJ(4,)(5), Berg KM(6), Chase M(4), Cocchi MN(4,)(7), Sulmonte C(4), Balkema J(4), MacDonald M(4), Montissol S(4), Senthilnathan V(8), Liu D(8), Khabbaz K(8), Lerner A(9), Novack V(10,)(11), Liu X(4), Donnino MW(4,)(6). Read More ›

2016 › Prevalence and characteristics of fibromyalgia among HIV-positive patients in southern Israel.
Dotan I(1), Riesenberg K(2), Toledano R(2), Schlaeffer F(2), Smolyakov A(2), Saidel-Odes L(2), Wechsberg O(1), Ablin JN(3), Novack V(1), Buskila D(1). Read More ›

2016 › Sci-B-VacTM Vs ENGERIX-B Vaccines for Hepatitis B Virus in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Randomised Controlled Trial.
Etzion O1, Novack V2, Perl Y2, Abel O2, Schwartz D3, Munteanu D3, Abufreha N3, Ben-Yaakov G3, Maoz ED2, Moshaklo A3, Dizingf V3, Fich A. Read More ›

2016 › Angiographic evidence of proliferative retinopathy predicts neuropsychiatric morbidity in diabetic patients.
Serlin Y(1), Shafat T(2), Levy J(3), Winter A(4), Shneck M(3), Knyazer B(3), Parmet Y(5), Shalev H(6), Ur E(7), Friedman A(8). Read More ›

2016 › Snoring intensity and excessive daytime sleepiness in subjects without obstructive sleep apnea.
Kalchiem-Dekel O1, Westreich R1, Regev A2, Novack V2, Goldberg M2, Maimon N Read More ›

2016 › Impact of a 3-Day Introductory Oncology Course on First-Year International Medical Students.
Granek L(1), Mizrakli Y(2), Ariad S(3), Jotkowitz A(4), Geffen DB(3). Read More ›

2016 › Elevated birth prevalence of conotruncal heart defects in a population with high consanguinity rate.
Moshe Stavsky, Renana Robinson, Maayan Yitshak Sade, Hanah Krymko, Eli Zalstein, Viktorya Ioffe, Victor Novack and Aviva Levitas Read More ›

2016 › Hospital Incidence and Outcomes of the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Using the Kigali Modification of the Berlin Definition.
Riviello ED1,2, Kiviri W3, Twagirumugabe T3, Mueller A4, Banner-Goodspeed VM4, Officer L4, Novack V5, Mutumwinka M6, Talmor DS4, Fowler RA7. Read More ›

2016 › Low Osteopontin N-Terminal Fragment and Carotid Plaque Stability Associated with Statin or Antiplatelet Therapy.
Hamias R, Volvich L, Paran E, Sion-Vardi N, Novack V, Szendro G, Greenberg G, Rudich A, Wolak T1. Read More ›

2015 › Will Neuroimaging Reveal a Severe Intracranial Injury in This Adult With Minor Head Trauma?: The Rational Clinical Examination Systematic Review.
Easter JS1, Haukoos JS2, Meehan WP3, Novack V4, Edlow JA5. Read More ›

2015 › Postpartum uterine artery blood flow impedance following cesarean section or vaginal delivery.
Baron J(1), Hershkovitz R(1), Baumfeld Y(1,)(2), Imterat M(1), Sciaky-Tamir Y(1), Mastrolia SA(3), Schwarzman P(1), Weintraub AY(1). Read More ›

2015 › Incidence of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy and Mortality in Primary and Secondary Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death.
Konstantino Y, Shafat T, Novack V, Novack L, Amit G. Read More ›

2015 › Detection of Myocardial Dysfunction in Septic Shock: A Speckle-Tracking Echocardiography Study.
Shahul S, Gulati G, Hacker MR, Mahmood F, Canelli R, Nizamuddin J, Mahmood B, Mueller A, Simon BA, Novack V, Talmor D. Read More ›

2015 › Long term subjective cure rate, urinary tract symptoms and dyspareunia following mesh augmented anterior vaginal wall prolapse repair.
Weintraub AY(1), Friedman T(2), Baumfeld Y(3), Neuman M(4), Krissi H(5). Read More ›

2015 › Correction: Pre-Conception Dyslipidemia Is Associated with Development of Preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Baumfeld Y1, Novack L2, Wiznitzer A3, Sheiner E3, Henkin Y4, Sherf M5, Novack V6. Read More ›

2015 › Pre-Conception Dyslipidemia Is Associated with Development of Preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Baumfeld Y1, Novack L2, Wiznitzer A3, Sheiner E3, Henkin Y4, Sherf M5, Novack V6. Read More ›

2015 › Headache in the presentation of noncephalic acute illness.
Tomer Tzadok, Ronen Toledano,1 Lior Fuchs,1 Carmi Bartal,2 Victor Novack,1 and Gal Ifergane Read More ›

2015 › Risk of Venous Thromboembolism After Receiving Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for Warfarin-associated Intracranial Hemorrhage.
Granek L(1), Mizrakli Y(2), Ariad S(3), Jotkowitz A(4), Geffen DB(3). Read More ›

2015 › Individual Effect Modifiers of Dust Exposure Effect on Cardiovascular Morbidity.
Alina Vodonos, Michael Friger, Itzhak Katra, Helena Krasnov, Doron Zahger, Joel Schwartz, and Victor Novack Read More ›

2015 › Examining patient comprehension of emergency department discharge instructions: Who says they understand when they do not?
Lin MJ(1), Tirosh AG(2), Landry A(3). Read More ›

2015 › The prevalence and significance of abnormal vital signs prior to in-hospital cardiac arrest.
Andersen LW1, Kim WY2, Chase M3, Berg KM4, Mortensen SJ5, Moskowitz A4, Novack V6, Cocchi MN7, Donnino MW8; American Heart Association's Get With the Guidelines(®) – Resuscitation Investigators. Read More ›

2015 › The Utility of Inflammatory and Endothelial Markers to Identify Infection in Emergency Department Patients.
Day DE1, Oedorf K, Kogan S, Novack V, Sanchez LD, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI, Henning DJ. Read More ›

2015 › Ethnicity and immunization coverage among schools in Israel.
Yitshak-Sade M, Davidovitch N, Novack L, Grotto I Read More ›

2015 › Effects of changes in copayment for obstetric emergency room visits on the utilization of obstetric emergency rooms.
Raz I(1), Novack L(2), Yitshak-Sade M(3), Shahar Y(1), Wiznitzer A(4), Sergienko R(5), Warshawsky-Livne L(6). Read More ›

2015 › Parkinson’s Disease Prevalence and Proximity to Agricultural Cultivated Fields.
Yitshak Sade M1, Zlotnik Y2, Kloog I3, Novack V1, Peretz C4, Ifergane G2. Read More ›

2015 › Early onset preeclampsia and cerebral palsy: a double hit model?
Mor O(1), Stavsky M(2), Yitshak-Sade M(2), Mastrolia SA(3), Beer-Weisel R(1), Rafaeli-Yehudai T(1), Besser L(1), Hamou B(1), Mazor M(1), Erez O(4). Read More ›

2015 › Observation vs admission in syncope: can we predict short length of stays?
Lin M1, Wolfe RE2, Shapiro NI2, Novack V3, Lior Y3, Grossman SA2. Read More ›

2015 › Prenatal exposure to H2 blockers and to proton pump inhibitors and asthma development in offspring.
Yitshak-Sade M(1,)(2,)(3), Gorodischer R(2,)(3,)(4,)(5), Aviram M(2,)(3,)(4,)(5), Novack L(2,)(6). Read More ›

2015 › Can cell proliferation of umbilical cord blood cells reflect environmental exposures?
Lena NovackEmail author, Esther Manor, Elena Gurevich, Maayan Yitshak-Sade, Daniella Landau, Batia Sarov, Reli Hershkovitz, Doron Dukler, Tali Vodonos and Isabella Karakis Read More ›

2015 › Use patterns of health information exchange systems and admission decisions: Reductionistic and configurational approaches
Politi L(1), Codish S(2), Sagy I(2), Fink L(3). Read More ›

2015 › Nitrogen Dioxide pollution and hazardous household environment: what impacts more congenital malformations.
Landau D(1), Novack L(2), Yitshak-Sade M(3), Sarov B(4), Kloog I(5), Hershkovitz R(6), Grotto I(7), Karakis I(8). Read More ›

2015 › The impact of PCR on Clostridium difficile detection and clinical outcomes.
Akbari M1, Vodonos A2, Silva G3, Wungjiranirun M4, Leffler DA1, Kelly CP1, Novack V2. Read More ›

2015 › The impact of PCR on Clostridium difficile detection and clinical outcomes.
Akbari M(1), Vodonos A(2), Silva G(3), Wungjiranirun M(4), Leffler DA(1), Kelly CP(1), Novack V(2). Read More ›

2015 › Methylphenidate use among medical students at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Cohen YG1, Segev RW2, Shlafman N3, Novack V2, Ifergane G1. Read More ›

2015 › Air Pollution and Serum Glucose Levels: A Population-Based Study.
Sade MY1, Kloog I, Liberty IF, Katra I, Novack L, Novack V. Read More ›

2015 › Treatment of chemical warfare agent casualties: retention of knowledge and self-perceived competency among military physicians and paramedics.
Shiyovich A(1), Statlender L(1), Abu-Tailakh M(2), Plakht Y(2), Shrot S(1), Kassirer M(1). Read More ›

2015 › Prognostic Value of Glycated Hemoglobin for One Year Mortality Following Hospitalization in the Internal Medicine Ward.
Liberty IF, Abu Freha N, Baumfeld Y, Codish S, Schlaeffer F, Novack V. Read More ›

2015 › The administration of dextrose during in-hospital cardiac arrest is associated with increased mortality and neurologic morbidity.
Peng TJ1, Andersen LW2,3, Saindon BZ4, Giberson TA5, Kim WY6, Berg K7, Novack V8,9, Donnino MW10,11; American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Resuscitation Investigators. Read More ›

2015 › Effectiveness of stringent decontamination of computer input devices in the era of electronic medical records and bedside computing: a randomized controlled trial.
Codish S, Toledano R, Novack V, Sherf M, Borer A. Read More ›

2015 › Clinical characteristics and survival of patients with diabetes mellitus following non-traumatic lower extremity amputation.
Wiessman MP, Liberty IF, Segev RW, Katz T, Abu Tailakh M, Novack V. Read More ›

2015 › Emergency department companions of stroke patients: implications on quality of care.
Ashkenazi L1, Toledano R, Novack V, EIluz E, Abu-Salamae I, Ifergane G. Read More ›

2015 › Inflammatory bowel disease among Bedouin Arabs in southern Israel: urbanization and increasing prevalence rates.
Abu Freha N(1), Schwartz D, Elkrinawi J, Ben Yakov G, Abu Tailakh M, Munteanu D, Abu Ganim A, Fich A. Read More ›

2015 › Exposure to metals and congenital anomalies: a biomonitoring study of pregnant Bedouin-Arab women.
Karakis I(1), Landau D(2), Yitshak-Sade M(3), Hershkovitz R(4), Rotenberg M(5), Sarov B(6), Grotto I(7), Novack L(8). Read More ›

2015 › Retroaortic right internal thoracic artery grafting of circumflex artery targets.
Lev-Ran O(1), Matsa M(2), Ishay Y(2), Shabtai A(2), Vodonos A(3), Sahar G(2). Read More ›

2015 › Ambient air pollution, weather and daily emergency department visits for headache.
Vodonos A1, Novack V2, Zlotnik Y3, Ifergane G3. Read More ›

2015 › Dramatic increase in laboratory-diagnosed human cutaneous leishmaniasis cases in southern Israel, 2007-2013.
Ben-Shimol S1, Sagi O, Codish S, Novack V, Barrett C, Fruchtman Y, Berkowitz A, Shemer-Avni Y, Greenberg D. Read More ›

2015 › Air pollution and serum glucose levels: a population based study.
Sade MY, Kloog I, Liberty IF, Katra I, Novack L, Novack V. Read More ›

2015 › Air Pollution and Ischemic Stroke Among Young Adults.
Maayan Yitshak Sade, Victor Novack, Gal Ifergane, Anat Horev, Itai Kloog Read More ›

2015 › Can air pollution trigger an onset of atrial fibrillation: a population-based study.
Maayan Yitshak Sade, Alina Vodonos, Victor Novack, Michael Friger, Guy Amit, Itzhak Katra, Joel Schwartz, Lena Novack. Read More ›

2014 › Automated surveillance for ventilator-associated events.
Stevens JP, Silva G, Gillis J, Novack V, Talmor D, Klompas M, Howell MD. Read More ›

2014 › A comparison between amylase levels from peritonsillar, dental and neck abscesses.
El-Saied S(1), Kaplan DM, Zlotnik A, Abu Tailakh M, Kordeluk S, Joshua BZ. Read More ›

2014 › Acid suppression therapy does not predispose to Clostridium difficile infection: the case of the potential bias.
Novack L1, Kogan S2, Gimpelevich L1, Howell M3, Borer A4, Kelly CP5, Leffler DA6, Novack V2. Read More ›

2014 › Non-anthropogenic dust exposure and asthma medication purchase in children.
Yitshak-Sade M1, Novack V2, Katra I3, Gorodischer R4, Tal A4, Novack L5. Read More ›

2014 › Immortal time bias in drug safety cohort studies: spontaneous abortion following nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug exposure.
Daniel S(1), Koren G(2), Lunenfeld E(3), Levy A(4). Read More ›

2014 › Mortality due to sepsis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis.
Barrett O, Abramovich E, Dreiher J, Novack V, Abu-Shakra M. Read More ›

2014 › The Esophageal Pressure-Guided Ventilation 2 (EPVent2) trial protocol: a multicentre, randomised clinical trial of mechanical ventilation guided by transpulmonary pressure.
Emily Fish, Victor Novack, Valerie M Banner-Goodspeed, Todd Sarge, Stephen Loring, Daniel Talmor Read More ›

2014 › The effect of hospital volume on mortality in patients admitted with severe sepsis.
Shahul S, Hacker MR, Novack V, Mueller A, Shaefi S, Mahmood B, Ali SH, Talmor D. Read More ›

2014 › Respiratory mechanical effects of surgical pneumoperitoneum in humans.
Loring SH, Behazin N, Novero A, Novack V, Jones SB, O'Donnell CR, Talmor DS. Read More ›

2014 › The reliability and validity of passive leg raise and fluid bolus to assess fluid responsiveness in spontaneously breathing emergency department patients.
Duus N, Shogilev DJ, Skibsted S, Zijlstra HW, Fish E, Oren-Grinberg A, Lior Y, Novack V, Talmor D, Kirkegaard H, Shapiro NI. Read More ›

2014 › Use patterns of health information exchange through a multidimensional lens: conceptual framework and empirical validation.
Politi L(1), Codish S(2), Sagy I(2), Fink L(3). Read More ›

2014 › Admission cell free DNA levels predict 28-day mortality in patients with severe sepsis in intensive care.
Avriel A, Paryente Wiessman M, Almog Y, Perl Y, Novack V, Galante O, Klein M, Pencina MJ, Douvdevani A. Read More ›

2014 › Model for End-Stage Liver Disease score predicts mortality in critically ill cirrhotic patients.
Boone MD, Celi LA, Ho BG, Pencina M, Curry MP, Lior Y, Talmor D, Novack V. Read More ›

2014 › Attenuated predictive power of a normal myocardial perfusion scan in young smokers.
Wolak A, Rafaeli E, Toledano R, Novack V, Gilutz H, Henkin Y. Read More ›

2014 › Doxazosin to treat hypertension: it’s time to take it personally–a retrospective analysis of 19, 495 patients.
Wolak T, Toledano R, Novack V, Sharon A, Shalev A, Wolak A. Read More ›

2014 › Incidence of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: a systematic review of the literature.
Fraenkel M(1), Kim M, Faggiano A, de Herder WW, Valk GD; Knowledge NETwork. Read More ›

2014 › Impact of mass media on public behavior and physicians: an ecological study of the H1N1 influenza pandemic.
Codish S1, Novack L, Dreiher J, Barski L, Jotkowitz A, Zeller L, Novack V. Read More ›

2014 › Trends in severity of illness on ICU admission and mortality among the elderly.
Fuchs L, Novack V, McLennan S, Celi LA, Baumfeld Y, Park S, Howell MD, Talmor DS. Read More ›

2014 › Increased glycemic variability in patients with elevated preoperative HbA1C predicts adverse outcomes following coronary artery bypass grafting surgery.
Subramaniam B, Lerner A, Novack V, Khabbaz K, Paryente-Wiesmann M, Hess P, Talmor D. Read More ›

2014 › Safety and efficacy metrics for primary nitinol stenting in femoropopliteal occlusive disease: a meta-analysis and critical examination of current methodologies.
Vardi M, Novack V, Pencina MJ, Doros G, Burke DA, Elmariah S, Cutlip DE, Mauri L, Yeh RW. Read More ›

2014 › Association Between Prenatal Exposure to Metals and Neonatal Morbidity.
Karakis I, Sarov B, Landau D, Manor E, Yitshak-Sade M, Rotenberg M, Hershkovitz R, Grotto I, Gurevich E, Novack L.. Read More ›

2014 › Athlete’s heart in Israel: fact or fiction.
Horowitz I(1), Cafri C(2), Zeller L(3), Vodonos A(4), Perry ZH(5), Kobal SL(2). Read More ›

2013 › Prognostic value of myocardial ischemic electrocardiographic response in patients with normal stress echocardiographic study.
Kobal SL, Wilkof-Segev R, Patchett MS, Vodonos A, Liel-Cohen N, Novack V, Bangalore S, Siegel RJ. Read More ›

2013 › Renal safety and angiotensin II blockade medications in patients undergoing non-emergent coronary angiography: a randomized controlled study.
Wolak T, Aliev E, Rogachev B, Baumfeld Y, Cafri C, Abu-Shakra M, Novack V. Read More ›

2013 › Autoimmune hepatitis in southern Israel: a 15-year multicenter study.
Delgado JS, Vodonos A, Malnick S, Kriger O, Wilkof-Segev R, Delgado B, Novack V, Rosenthal A, Menachem Y, Melzer E, Fich A. Read More ›

2013 › Raising positive end-expiratory pressures in ARDS to achieve a positive transpulmonary pressure does not cause hemodynamic compromise.
Todd Sarge, Stephen H. Loring, Maayan Yitsak-Sade, Atul Malhotra, Victor Novack, and Daniel Talmor Read More ›

2013 › Pediatric chronic kidney disease rates in Southern Israel are higher than reported.
Landau D(1), Schreiber R(1), Kleinman A(1), Vodonos A(2), Shalev H(1). Read More ›

2013 › Atrial fibrillation in medical intensive care unit patients: characteristics and consequences.
Baumfeld Y, Novack V, Almog Y. Read More ›

2013 › Emergency hernia repair in cirrhotic patients with ascites.
Odom SR, Gupta A, Talmor D, Novack V, Sagy I, Evenson AR. Read More ›

2013 › Severity of acute kidney injury and two-year outcomes in critically ill patients.
Fuchs L, Lee J, Novack V, Baumfeld Y, Scott D, Celi L, Mandelbaum T, Howell M, Talmor D. Read More ›

2013 › Association between bone mineral density and incidence of breast cancer.
Merav Fraenkel, Victor Novack, Yair Liel, Michael Koretz, Ethel Siris, Larry Norton, Tali Shafat, Shraga Shany and David B. Geffen Read More ›

2009 › Association of lipid levels during gestation with preeclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitus: a population-based study.
Wiznitzer A, Mayer A, Novack V, Sheiner E, Gilutz H, Malhotra A, Novack L. Read More ›

2013 › Insufficient compliance with current implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) therapy guidelines in post myocardial infarction patients is associated with increased mortality.
Pertzov B, Novack V, Zahger D, Katz A, Amit G. Read More ›

2013 › The effects of transfusion on outcomes in sepsis.
Novack V, Talmor D. Read More ›

2013 › Prognostic impact of sleep duration and sleep efficiency on mortality in patients with chronic heart failure.
Reinhard W, Plappert N, Zeman F, Hengstenberg C, Riegger G, Novack V, Maimon N, Pfeifer M, Arzt M. Read More ›

2013 › Safety and feasibility of robotic percutaneous coronary intervention: PRECISE (Percutaneous Robotically-Enhanced Coronary Intervention) Study.
Weisz G, Metzger DC, Caputo RP, Delgado JA, Marshall JJ, Vetrovec GW, Reisman M, Waksman R, Granada JF, Novack V, Moses JW, Carrozza JP. Read More ›

2013 › Clinical outcome of patients with and without diabetes mellitus after percutaneous coronary intervention with the resolute zotarolimus-eluting stent: 2-year results from the prospectively pooled analysis of the international global RESOLUTE program.
Silber S, Serruys PW, Leon MB, Meredith IT, Windecker S, Neumann FJ, Belardi J, Widimsky P, Massaro J, Novack V, Yeung AC, Saito S, Mauri L. Read More ›

2013 › N-terminal rather than full-length osteopontin or its C-terminal fragment is associated with carotid-plaque inflammation in hypertensive patients.
Wolak T, Sion-Vardi N, Novack V, Greenberg G, Szendro G, Tarnovscki T, Nov O, Shelef I, Paran E, Rudich A. Read More ›

2013 › Raising positive end-expiratory pressures in ARDS to achieve a positive transpulmonary pressure avoids hemodynamic compromise.
Todd Sarge, Stephen H Loring, Maayan Yitsak-Sade, Atul Malhotra, Victor Novack, Daniel Talmor Read More ›

2012 › Ethnicity and sepsis characteristics and outcomes. Population based study.
Karp G, Perl Y, Fuchs L, Almog Y, Klein M, Vodonos A, Dreiher J, Talmor D, Codish S, Novack V; SEPSIS-ISR Group. Read More ›

2012 › Misconstrued intentions: setting the record straight.
Novack V, Cohen DJ, Cutlip DE. Read More ›

2012 › Primary biliary cirrhosis in Southern Israel: a 20 year follow up study.
Delgado JS, Vodonos A, Delgado B, Jotkowitz A, Rosenthal A, Fich A, Novack V. Read More ›

2012 › Circulating cell-free DNA in hemodialysis patients predicts mortality.
Tovbin D, Novack V, Wiessman MP, Abd Elkadir A, Zlotnik M, Douvdevani A. Read More ›

2012 › Significant differences in the expected versus observed longevity of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)
Shafat T, Baumfeld Y, Novack V, Konstantino Y, Amit G. Read More ›

2012 › ICU admission characteristics and mortality rates among elderly and very elderly patients.
Fuchs L, Chronaki CE, Park S, Novack V, Baumfeld Y, Scott D, McLennan S, Talmor D, Celi L. Read More ›

2012 › Dexrazoxane does not affect treatment outcome in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients.
Rabinovich A, Weiss D, Weissman M, Novack V, Levi I. Read More ›

2012 › Localization of PKCη in cell membranes as a predictor for breast cancer response to treatment.
Karp G, Abu-Ghanem S, Novack V, Mermershtain W, Ariad S, Sion-Vardy N, Livneh E. Read More ›

2012 › Incidence of hospitalizations among chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients with anemia.
Frank Y, Regev A, Novack V, Avnon L, Avriel A, Shimonovich F, Heimer D, Maimon N. Read More ›

2012 › PKCη is a novel prognostic marker in non-small cell lung cancer.
Krasnitsky E, Baumfeld Y, Freedman J, Sion-Vardy N, Ariad S, Novack V, Livneh E. Read More ›

2012 › The effect of rosuvastatin on incident pneumonia: results from the JUPITER trial.
Novack V, MacFadyen J, Malhotra A, Almog Y, Glynn RJ, Ridker PM. Read More ›

2012 › Mortality and multiple causes of death in systemic lupus erythematosus – role of the death certificate.
Abu-Shakra M, Novack V. Read More ›

2012 › Temporal trends in patient characteristics and survival of intensive care admissions with sepsis: a multicenter analysis.
Dreiher J, Almog Y, Sprung CL, Codish S, Klein M, Einav S, Bar-Lavie Y, Singer PP, Nimrod A, Sachs J, Talmor D, Friger M, Greenberg D, Olsfanger D, Hersch M, Novack V; SEPSIS-ISR Group. Read More ›

2012 › Effect of beta blocker therapy on survival of patients with heart failure and preserved systolic function following hospitalization with acute decompensated heart failure.
Nevzorov R, Porath A, Henkin Y, Kobal SL, Jotkowitz A, Novack V. Read More ›

2012 › Troponin criteria for myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention.
Novack V, Pencina M, Cohen DJ, Kleiman NS, Yen CH, Saucedo JF, Berger PB, Cutlip DE. Read More ›

2012 › Frequency and impact of bleeding in elective coronary stent clinical trials–utility of three commonly used definitions.
Fleming LM, Novack V, Novack L, Cohen SA, Negoita M, Cutlip DE. Read More ›

2012 › Effect of glutamate and blood glutamate scavengers oxaloacetate and pyruvate on neurological outcome and pathohistology of the hippocampus after traumatic brain injury in rats.
Zlotnik A(1), Sinelnikov I, Gruenbaum BF, Gruenbaum SE, Dubilet M, Dubilet E, Leibowitz A, Ohayon S, Regev A, Boyko M, Shapira Y, Teichberg VI. Read More ›

2011 › The prognostic importance of cathepsin D and E-cadherin in early breast cancer: A single-institution experience.
Jacobson-Raber G, Lazarev I, Novack V, Mermershtein W, Baumfeld Y, Geffen DB, Sion-Vardy N, Ariad S. Read More ›

2011 › Impact of descent and stay at a Dead Sea resort (low altitude) on patients with systolic congestive heart failure and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.
Gabizon I, Shiyovich A, Novack V, Khalameizer V, Yosefy C, Moses SW, Katz A. Read More ›

2011 › Objective performance goals of safety and blood pressure efficacy for clinical trials of renal artery bare metal stents in hypertensive patients with atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis.
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