Publications – 2012

Troponin criteria for myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention.

Novack V, Pencina M, Cohen DJ, Kleiman NS, Yen CH, Saucedo JF, Berger PB, Cutlip DE. Read More ›

Publications – 2012

Effect of glutamate and blood glutamate scavengers oxaloacetate and pyruvate on neurological outcome and pathohistology of the hippocampus after traumatic brain injury in rats.

Zlotnik A(1), Sinelnikov I, Gruenbaum BF, Gruenbaum SE, Dubilet M, Dubilet E, Leibowitz A, Ohayon S, Regev A, Boyko M, Shapira Y, Teichberg VI. Read More ›

Publications – 2011

The prognostic importance of cathepsin D and E-cadherin in early breast cancer: A single-institution experience.

Jacobson-Raber G, Lazarev I, Novack V, Mermershtein W, Baumfeld Y, Geffen DB, Sion-Vardy N, Ariad S. Read More ›