Publications – 2016

Hospital Incidence and Outcomes of the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Using the Kigali Modification of the Berlin Definition.

Riviello ED1,2, Kiviri W3, Twagirumugabe T3, Mueller A4, Banner-Goodspeed VM4, Officer L4, Novack V5, Mutumwinka M6, Talmor DS4, Fowler RA7. Read More ›

Publications – 2016

Low Osteopontin N-Terminal Fragment and Carotid Plaque Stability Associated with Statin or Antiplatelet Therapy.

Hamias R, Volvich L, Paran E, Sion-Vardi N, Novack V, Szendro G, Greenberg G, Rudich A, Wolak T1. Read More ›

Publications – 2015

Postpartum uterine artery blood flow impedance following cesarean section or vaginal delivery.

Baron J(1), Hershkovitz R(1), Baumfeld Y(1,)(2), Imterat M(1), Sciaky-Tamir Y(1), Mastrolia SA(3), Schwarzman P(1), Weintraub AY(1). Read More ›