Emergency Medicine

2016 › Assessing the Predictive Value of Clinical Factors Used to Determine the Presence of Sepsis Causing Shock in the Emergency Department.
Henning DJ1, Carey JR, Oedorf K, Day DE, Redfield CS, Huguenel CJ, Roberts JC, Novack V, Sanchez LD, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI. Read More ›

2015 › Examining patient comprehension of emergency department discharge instructions: Who says they understand when they do not?
Lin MJ(1), Tirosh AG(2), Landry A(3). Read More ›

2015 › The Utility of Inflammatory and Endothelial Markers to Identify Infection in Emergency Department Patients.
Day DE1, Oedorf K, Kogan S, Novack V, Sanchez LD, Wolfe RE, Shapiro NI, Henning DJ. Read More ›

2015 › Effects of changes in copayment for obstetric emergency room visits on the utilization of obstetric emergency rooms.
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2015 › Emergency department companions of stroke patients: implications on quality of care.
Ashkenazi L1, Toledano R, Novack V, EIluz E, Abu-Salamae I, Ifergane G. Read More ›

2015 › Ambient air pollution, weather and daily emergency department visits for headache.
Vodonos A1, Novack V2, Zlotnik Y3, Ifergane G3. Read More ›

2014 › The reliability and validity of passive leg raise and fluid bolus to assess fluid responsiveness in spontaneously breathing emergency department patients.
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2011 › The emergency department in a region under missile attack: utilization patterns during Operation Cast Lead.
Plakht Y(1), Shiyovich A, Francine L, Shoshan Y, Antonovitch D, Waknine N, Barabi T, Sherf M. Read More ›